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In this video tutorial, you’ll learn the difference between the two primary forms of content in WordPress: Posts and Pages. You can build a WordPress site that contains only blog posts… or only pages… or a mixture of static pages and blog posts. It’s entirely up to you!

In summary, Posts are blog entries (like articles). They can be published within categories, and assigned to keywords, making it easy for your readers to find all the related blog posts containing the same keyword or category.

Pages, on the other hand, are typically used for “static” content — or content that doesn’t change very often. Examples are the ‘About’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages that you’ve probably seen on most sites. Pages are typically included in your site’s primary navigation menu.

WordPress enables you to build any type of site you can imagine. If you just want to build a personal blog, your site will primarily be made up of Posts. But your site doesn’t have to have a blog. If you’re building a site for your business, your site may be primarily made up of Pages.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to make use of BOTH. You may have a static homepage, and then a blog as a separate section of your site.

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